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Cloud Hosting

Easy Link is an all-in-all web presence engineering agency with various digital services under our belt. We are a trusted cloud hosting provider with deep expertise in hosting your websites on Google Cloud, WordPress, AWS, Digital Ocean, Azure, and Linode. State your needs, and we’ll choose the best platform for you. With your websites hosted on the cloud, you can scale and grow your business with assured website stability, scalability, and sustenance.

Key Features
  • Use multiple servers for your website, benefitting from unlimited space to expand
  • Virtual servers with airtight security and encryption, ZERO chance of data loss
  • Flexible pay-for-use model
  • Access from anywhere, anytime
  • Store all key data in one place and manage seamlessly
why Choose

Why choose Easy Link

  • Vast experience in cloud hosting for 100+ clients
  • We offer end-to-end cloud hosting solutions for your business with maintenance , troubleshooting, and problem-solving.
  • Strong technology expertise spanning 30 years
  • Certified cloud hosting provider, which speaks of our operational excellence
  • Proactive risk mitigating approach to ensure ZERO bugs or downtime.
  • Experience with site behavior across countries and industries.
  • One-stop solution for website development, design, and cloud hosting: we’re the go-to for your business’ website.
  • Customer-centric cloud hosting provider with 24x7 support to resolve issues instantly.

Why Cloud Hosting

serviceHassle-free Website Management

By hosting your website on the cloud, all the burden of management, maintenance, storage, database, and security is off your shoulders. Trust in our singular cloud hosting service and ensure smooth website functioning.

serviceSeamless Availability

Cloud hosting eliminates the chance of servers crashing. Utilise the space of more than one server, ensure ongoing availability, ZERO failures or downtime, and on-the-go access to the vitals of your website.

serviceMaximum Security

Cloud servers are 100% protected with multi-level security across virtual and physical servers. Your data cannot escape your website, as we ensure 100% privacy and confidentiality.

serviceHuge Cost Savings

Purchasing a domain, hiring dedicated personnel for each task of website development, and constantly monitoring, serving to crash, and rebuilding consume huge amounts of money, not to mention the spending of time and effort. By handing all website backend operations to a cloud hosting provider, you cut down costs and only pay for the resources you use.

Cloud Hosting Features

serviceDomain Set-up and Management

Purchasing, setting up, and handling a domain can be unnerving, especially for small and emerging businesses. Trust in our cloud hosting service, once and for all, to ensure seamless set-up, sustenance, and regular domain management.

serviceEnable Remote File Transfers

You can quickly transfer between two databases and storage spaces with cloud hosting without heavy coding or time consumption. This is a huge plus for emerging, large businesses capable of dynamic changes and frequent movement within or between companies.

serviceManage Databases

You no longer have to keep a watch on the database and storage limit. Ensure excellent flexibility to edit, toggle between and manage multiple databases with cloud hosting. Cloud hosting guarantees ZERO data loss and withstands complex operations, huge traffic, or unwanted hacking.

serviceBullet Speed Websites

Your website has multiple servers backing it up, and it can expand to utilize the entire remaining space and bandwidth of the host. This gives unparalleled website speed, so your customers can access your site on any device and instantly load your site.

serviceScope for Scalability

If you’re a start-up or growing business and you are assured of continuous growth, your website and its servers need the capability and bandwidth to handle your growth. Cloud hosting is perfect for start-ups and emerging businesses, as it allows plenty of space and bandwidth to scale your business and engage huge traffic without any chance of bugs, downtime, or website crashing.

why Choose

Trust our Technology Experts to Secure Your Site.

With our full suite of services at your call, and a dedicated support team, Easy Link can run your website seamlessly, so you can sit back and measure your growth metrics.